zepto.js: Minimalist JavaScript framework for mobile WebKit with jQuery-like chaining

I basically wrote the same thing recently for an internal project; sans chaining and with a few more helpers like [add/remove/has/toggle]Class, setStyle, granular bind and unbind, offsets and a few more. Mine was also written in CoffeeScript.

I might just switch over to this and contribute a few things. I’d be sad to lose CoffeeScript syntax though ;(

It may seem strange that the author of Prototype-based script.aculo.us would embark on creating a new jQuery-esque JavaScript library for mobile devices, but that’s exactly what Thomas Fuchs has done with zepto.js.

One reason JavaScript frameworks have become popular is because they abstract browser differences and let the developer focus on the work at hand, not on how it’s done. Since zepto.js targets only Webkit browsers, a lot of the cruft found in other frameworks can be eliminated. Modern JavaScript features such as forEach can be assumed so the framework is leaner, critical for building mobile apps.