Ars Technica toolbar Safari extension

Just something I made for fun a few weeks back. I put it in Github and updated it a couple of times, but I never posted about it here for some reason.

You can do stuff like change the update frequency and pick a single section to view. I think it’d be pretty easy to enable combining multiple sections:

The meat of the extension is a toolbar. So the meat of is in toolbar.js, but that’s not the fun part. I actually wrote the code for this extension in CoffeeScript which is a much funner way to write your JavaScript (trust me, just check it out).

So poke around in toolbar.coffee if you want to see some CoffeeScript in a real-world use-case, and also to learn a little bit about making toolbar-based Safari Extensions.

That’s it, enjoy. And if you really would like to see me release this as a real extension, let me know. If I get enough response, I can probably be cajoled. I’ve not done anything officially with it, as I passed it over a couple of people and I didn’t get the feeling they were dying for something like this ;)

That’s all, have a good week ;)