Terrapin 5k completed

Ran this last night with Jacqui and Chris. It was at 6:30pm on July 30. It was humid and roughly ~80°F. So it was pretty tough, I generally head to the gym when it gets too humid or much hotter than 80.

That being said, I pushed and I did respectable, but my slowest 5k race time to date. My final numbers:

  • Total time: 29:46
  • Pace: 9:35
  • **Placing: **
  • Overall: 1336/2414 - 55%
  • Sex: 785/1116 - 70%
  • Age Group: 154/200 - 77% (25-29 year olds)

The upside here is that I did really awesome in my first 2 miles. I hit the first mile marker at ~8:55 and the second mile marker at ~18:00. Thereabouts I had some horrible lower back muscle cramps/pain. It felt like a horrible stabbing pain on my right side. I ran on it at my pace for a while but it was intolerable and I had to slow it down a bit. It eventually subsided towards the end of the run, but the damage was done!

I’m still pretty proud of the good time (for me) in the hot/humid weather. On the plus side, I sweated so much I had a great weigh-in this morning, 214. Lowest of the summer so far!