It’s been a little warm this week so we decided to go to the gym and run intervals to get our speeds up!

You might remember last year when I used intervals to get up to running 5k at 5mph. I started with twelve 400m sprints with 30sec breaks in between. I slowly increased the distance per sprint until I was able to run the whole 5k at 5mph. I kept improving too and I ran my best 5k at the Bucktown 5k with an average speed of 6.6mph.

So this year I decided I want to run it faster. I took my 6.67mph speed and upped it by 10% to arrive at a target of 7.3mph. This week I started at the 12x400 intervals.

This time around I’m doing 200m between intervals at 3mph (about 150 seconds). On Tuesday I was only able to finish 9 of those and I walked the rest of the way.

Yesterday I completed all 12 but I was seriously about to die (but it felt good). I think I’ll do one more week of the 12x400’s and then move up to something harder like 10x500 and then to 8x600 and see how I progress.

Last time I was able to skip up to 6x800 pretty quickly, but this is a lot faster so we’ll see ;)