More of what's new in Django 1.1

More of what’s new in Django 1.1

1.1RC was released last week and it looks like the final release will be coming down the tubes sometime between today and Friday. There’s a lot more than the 4 things listed in the linked article, but I am particularly fond of the Admin updates, particularly the admin actions:

The basic workflow of Django’s admin is, in a nutshell, “select an object, then change it.” This works well for a majority of use cases. However, if you need to make the same change to many objects at once, this workflow can be quite tedious. In these cases, Django’s admin lets you write and register “actions” – simple functions that get called with a list of objects selected on the change list page.

Here’s a full list of what made it into 1.1 and what was pushed to 1.2. There’s some pretty neat stuff happening as a part of GSoC that might make it into 1.2 (multi-DB, for example).

Some other cool stuff in 1.1: