django-friendly: New template tags for FriendFeed data

Just a friendly (ho!) update on some of the things I’ve added to my FriendFeed Django application, django-friendly recently. I needed a way to pull out all the media from an entry. As I mentioned in my original post, getting at that stuff was a nasty mess of object attributes in your templates, so I set out to fix that.

To that end I’ve created a few media-related tags. The first is get_friendfeed_media_list


This is very straightforward as it works just like comments and likes. You might use it in this manner (see second line):

    {% get_friendfeed_media_list for [friendfeed_id] as [varname] (limit) %}
    {% for entry in object_list %}
    {% get_friendfeed_media_list for entry.ff_id as media %}
    {% if media %}
      <dd class="media">
      {% for m in media %}
      {% ifequal entry.service.ff_id 'youtube' %}
        {% oembed 160x120 %}{{ entry.link }}{% endoembed %}
      {% else %}
      <a href="{{ entry.link }}">
        <img src="{{ m.mediathumbnail_set.all.0.url }}"/>
      {% endifequal %}
      {% endfor %}
    {% endif %}
    {% endfor %}

In some instances you might want to just grab the first thumbnail of the first media object associated with an entry. I use this a lot when displaying Flickr entries in that photo strip at the top of my site. For those instances, I’ve created a tag called get_friendfeed_first_media_thumbnail. You’d use it in this manner:

{% get_friendfeed_first_media_thumbnail for [friendfeed_id] as [varname] %}

    {% get_friendfeed_entry_list for 'flickr' 12 as flickr_photos %}
    <div class="column span-24 first last" id="photos">
        {% for photo in flickr_photos %}
            {% get_friendfeed_first_media_thumbnail for photo.ff_id as thumbnail %}
                <a href="{{ photo.link }}" rel="photo">
                <img src="{{ thumbnail.url }}" 
                    width="{{ thumbnail.width }}" 
                    height="{{ thumbnail.height }}">
        {% endfor %}

I’m thinking about adding some other tags, but so far, I’m not sure. I think I’ll let these percolate for a little while and see if I need any new ones.