This American Life live

Last night Jacqui and I rode our bikes over to the Kerasotes theater on Western and Maplewood to see a live broadcast version of This American Life.

This was unique because the filming was done in New York City and then live broadcast to theaters all over the country. It was really fun and if you haven’t seen much of the video version of This American Life, it was a real treat.

The place was packed and we got some of the last seats in the upper area. We also ate popcorn and drank giant tubs of diet soda, which is also a treat because we never really go to movie theaters any more.

It was a lot of fun and if you haven’t had a chance to check out the first season of This American Life, I think it’s out on DVD right now (and on iTunes) and the second season begins this Sunday on Showtime, if you have cable TV, and it should also be running in iTunes as well.