Made some updates to the site

I fixed a bug in my Google Reader feed processor that was making some of the stuff I shared through Google Reader lose the actual content (except for title and link).

So if you follow my link blog through any of the RSS feeds on this site, you should start to notice that they’re much cooler now ;)

I also cleaned up the middle sidebar you see on the home page of the site by separating out Tweets, songs, and links into their own lists. So now I list the 5 most recent tweets, 5 most recent songs, and the 100 most recent links.

On the Django side, I broke all that stuff out into their own context processors and their own template bits so I can include them piecemeal elsewhere on the site:

I’ve done just that. Now on all the interior pages of the site, I include my last 5 tweets and songs below the right sidebar:

I also added a very short bit of text under my photo over there, for those people who don’t want to click through to my about page.