Wrote my first VB.NET program

Yeah I know, ick, but I suppose it was a bit of fun. I learned alot by checking out some code from the net and I figured out a lot of cool ways to do things that should really help me out in ECET 359 in the future.

So without further delay, I give you Super Converter

It works on my PC, but it might not on yours. I take no responsibility if your computer explodes. You might need to .NET runtime.

It converts between decimal, binary, and hex all on the fly. I think its pretty intuitive and I fixed all the ways I was breaking it by accident, but I’m sure SOMEONE will figure out how to break it :)

I tried to make it as un-ugly as possible. I really hate how most windows programmers make their UI’s so I tried to focus on simplicity and intuitiveness :)