iBook Update: Rage Induced Violence Edition (Dec 23)

About 15 minutes ago I wrapped up another call to the Apple Repair line to see if my iBook had shipped today. I called in and got connected with Chris fairly quickly. I told him all my information but only told him that I was told that my iBook was supposed to ship out today and I was called to see if it had. He read the notes about my repair and said that they said that all testing on the unit was completed on the 19th of December (?!?!?!).

I gave him a weary “oookay” and he said he was going to do a bit more “research” on the case so I would be put on hold. After about two or three minutes on hold (listening to “Put a little love in your heart”), Chris got back to me and told me that some new notes about the repair were added today.

  1. The unit failed a back light test. He then asked me if I had ever had problems with my back light. I replied “no, not really” which sparked a light-hearted chuckle out of Chris.
  2. Once the back light issue was taken care of, they found that the unit no longer had video, or had video issues. “EXCELLENT” I thought, we’re back to where I was on December 3rd when the stupid thing broke.
  3. He then told me that they fixed the “video issues” and the only test left is the “battery test”, where they charge up the battery and make sure that the unit operates off the battery successfully. Doesn’t this sound oddly like the story they ran by me on Thursday or Friday?

Chris then told me that he didn’t see why they wouldn’t get done tomorrow (I’ve only heard that line 3 or 4 times) and he said it would be shipped out tomorrow but unfortunately it wouldn’t arrive here until Friday due to the holiday.

I am unbelievably angry at the moment, I know this is most likely an isolated event but I’m still pretty damn angry that I have no computer to work on. I was supposed to deliver a prototype for a client tomorrow, then we pushed back to Friday due to all this crap. Now I have no idea if we’ll be able to meet that deadline either. I think a mean email to someone might be in the works tonight.