Daily iBook Update (Dec 20)

Well I’m officially upset with Apple. I was told that it would probably be shipped out Thursday and I’d have the computer by Friday (which didn’t happen). I then called them up Friday to see what the deal was and they told me that it would definately be shipped out on Friday and it might go to either my apartment or my Grandma’s house (because apparently Apple is dependant on using the web interface to Airborne.com for seeing if their own packages have shipped).

The young man I talked to yesterday told me how I could put my dispatch ID number into the Airborne Express’ tracking page and my package would show up there after they’d shipped it. Well as of 10:48AM today there is still no change on Airborne. I might also add that Apple still shows my iBook as “In Repair” UGH.

So I decided I’d call up again this morning to see what the heck was going on. Well Apple seems to be having “Technical Difficulties” this morning (big suprise). So basically I have no idea when, where, or even IF my iBook has been shipped and I don’t think that Apple quite knows either.

There is only one way to describe how this thing has panned out:

Edit @ 4:07PM CST : I called Apple again this morning and the fellow there told me that he thought that it had shipped but there was no tracking number available. He also told me that he thought that it was shipped to my address in Wichita.