PUMUG Site - Version 2

I think that I’ve finally gotten the second incarnation of the PUMUG Site up and running.

Previous to today it was running MovableType system that chaffed pretty badly with our excellent free service from the computer society

The first problem was that is was shared hosting, so chmod’ing everying 777 would not be very smart and the guys at Csociety would probably be emailing me 4 minutes after I did it (they’re really tight with their security ;D).

The second option would be to use suexec or cgiwrap, both of which were probably out of the question due to possible security vulnerabilities.

So I made the decision a while ago to switch the site over a dynamic content management system. There were lots of options, PHPNuke, B2, Wordpress (a xhtml compliant version of b2), textpattern, serendipity. The list goes on! I tried lots of them and found the best mix of features and usability with Wordpress.

So I redid the markup and made it all nice and CSS friendly (which means I can offer multiple styles for the site), and adapted it for Wordpress.

The only bad thing about Wordpress is that it is still in development which means some tiny features are missing here and there. Another small drawback is that it currently only offers a single blogs. In our old movabletype setup I had a separate blog for each SIG and the Meeting Minutes.

So I spent some time doing some hackery to get what I wanted, and I think that in the end I got it working real nice! I then had to write a little script to translate all of the old MT posts into B2 posts. After that I got all the links working and uploaded it, validated it, and made it live.

So now its up, and I think people are going to like it. I definitely think it looks a TON better with the way I did the markup (using headers etc…)

Anyways, scratch one more thing off my to-do list ;)