This week has been a killer :ugh:. In any case, its about over ;) I had about a million things due yesterday and a test to boot. To top it off I got up LATE AGAIN. So I’ve taken further precautions and I am pulling out all the stops. Until school ends I leave the window open at night (makes the room freezing cold and floods the room with light around 6am). Up until today I only had a single mp3 stream loading up around 6am or 8am depending on the day of the week and it would end 20 minutes later at which time my alarm would sound.

Not good enough I guess.

So I’ve set a second mp3 playlist to load up 10 minutes after the first ends, just in case I fall back asleep. Only this time its loud punk music :)

Gotta go finish this week up. Work today, documentation tonight, tests and labs tomorrow ;)