Visual: XMAS Gifts

Just today whilst cleaning my room I decided to finally gather all my electronics stuff together and make a “workstation” area in my room. An area away from pop cans and other dangers where I could do some light soldering and circuit work if I needed to. I also wanted to get my Digital programming setup back in operation for my MegaAVR 163 Dev board. Maybe this semester I’ll try some cool projects with it.

I also did this partly because I want to build some audio amps [1][2] too. Just to get some experience in the area.

Anyways I thought I’d take some pics of my stuff and show it off here. You can click on any of the pictures below to see a larger version.

  • Well WS50: It goes from 350F to 850F and its got a nice temperature lock-in feature. It was discontinued this summer, so you can find some good prices on it.
  • Power Supply: Originaly build for a EET 196 Project but you may remember my post from last month where I added a powered breadboard and internal fan. I’ve just got a stupid DTSP switch flipping that 120mm fan back there between a 12V and 5V feed.
  • Dev Board: Just the devboard doing a little Knightrider imitation.
  • My Computers
  • Digital Multimeter: Does everything you’d want a DMM to do for $50. And if you really wanted you can buy attachments to measure temperature (thermocouple) and Carbon-Monoxide levels.

Well thats that. Hope everyone is super pumped now :P