Well everyone at home is officially upgraded to windows XP. Thank baby jebsu! Hopefully no more weird ass errors or people not being able to get stuff to work. We got some more RAM for my dad’s computer and a CD-R/RW as well so he should be good to go.

Oh and to the fellow who wrote:

“That’s probably why your comments box had NO DEBUGGING =P

Look, it’s all non-resizeable, but the window size is… TOO FSCKING SMALL!
Yes, I get scrollbars. About 1 pixel horizontally, and all your buttons are out of site vertically.”

Are you using an Amiga at 640×480? I’m on this computer at 800×600 and the window is just fine. I’ve tested it on mozilla, and Ie5 for mac and ie6 for PC. The buttons do not go off the side, the window is resizeable, and if you dont like it quit using Netscape 4.73 and get a real browser.