MOV R31,R17

My new little away message has been weirding people out. Its just a assembler file from a little program I wrote the other day. Its for effect! I noticed later that it almost seems as if my AIM has output some sort of debug code :D.

I spent a good amount of time today in the Micro lab rewriting the code for eet 209 lab 10. I do believe I finally got it to work. My FAILURE in lab 10 was the result of not enough time thinking through the program. I approached it from the wrong angle and got burned by it. I definately didn’t simulate my programs enough either. In any case I also remembered that I had forgot to do my lab writeup for 207 and my prelab for next week :O. I had to skip my cpt330 class in which we were having a quiz, but I figured getting full credit for my labs was worth more.

Anyways, I got that lab working and I am very happy that I spent the time today redoing it. I am gonna take my stuff back to lab tomorrow and load the code on it and see what happens. Other than that I had a great day. Somehow the lab TA for the class knew I was a CPeT due to the fact that I came in to /redo/ the lab even though I wouldn’t get credit for it. ;)